Thaler Group was buildto create, inovate and sustain the blockchain future

Our mission is to create a new environment for the FinTech Future and mass adoption of blockchain with the help of our Exchange , Token,Thaler Wallet, N.F.C Payment, Crypto Games..


Features of our Exchange include, but are not limited to: charting, order book, trade, balance, flexibility for a perfect trading environment. You can sell or buy directly with Paypal, Credit Card, Crypto to Crypto

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Thaler’s new concept is designed to support, guide and develop small, but engaging crypto projects by creating new collaborations/ partnerships between investors, business enthusiasts...

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Thaler is an Erc20 token build on Ethereum Network who is already listed on 4 Exchanges against ETH and USDT pairs.Buying our products is the strongest T.G.C.O use-case.

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A little lesson of history (Thaler)

Etymologically, Thal (modern: Tal) is German for "valley", and a thaler is a person or a thing"from the valley". The Czech spelling was tolar. any varieties of the term are used in different languages. In the 1902 spelling reform, the German spelling was changed from Thal and Thaler to Tal and Taler, which however did not affect the English spelling of thaler. The later Dutch daalders also carried the picture of a lion, which gave them the name leeuwendaalder ("lion thaler"). From an abbreviation of leeuwendaalder come the names of three present-day Balkan currencies, the Romanian and Moldovan Leu and the Bulgarian Lev.

  • THALER (TGCO) is a quality control mechanism
  • Thaler holders R.O.I
  • TGCO the company digital asset

We are a family!

Become part of our family today and get access to our partners, get discount services and help us in our quest to archieve our mass adoption goal.

How we can help your project

We are specialists in community building (Facebook,Twitter,Telegram) and development of crypto ideas.

We are buiding : Erc20/Trx tokens, Telegram groups( min 5000 users ) for your project, Crypto - Exchanges, App on native/Xcode, Websites, Banking system with credit cards etc..

We can create : ANN/BOUNTY Thread on Bitcointalk/Altcoinstalks, M.M (Market Makers), Trading Bots, Trading lessons and so on...

Let's work together

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Other features

Investing in cryptocurrency has become a difficult task without proper awareness about the projects. Understanding this chaos, Thaler team has designed this in a way to support, guide and grow the interest of developers by linking them with investors in turn filling the crypto space with more eminent crypto enthusiasts.


Thaler encourages giving back to the world and we support our idea by hosting donation campaigns on our website for different humanitarian causes.

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Thaler opens the way for new investors who are confused with increased cryptocurrencies developed and released everyday.

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We make crypto easier for you every day.

Check out our roadmap to understand what we are trying to build:

Investors Corner

Thaler is an impressive and educative innovation that helps investors, business enthusiasts, interesting individuals or groups to invest in trustworthy crypto projects. The challenges facing the cryptocurrency sector have been fixed.

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You can support our vision,mission and values in buying-and-hold Thaler (TGCO) with ETH or USDT.

Get the investor package that suits you

We are proposing you a few types of growth investments packages in the form of shares of Thaler Group LTD. Be a Thaler (TGCO) V.I.P and receive dividents made from our activities.If that sounds good enough for you contact us a .

Thaler Group LTD

There are two ways to make money from owning shares of stock: dividends and capital appreciation.Owning shares means you're also a company owner.When you buy shares, you're buying a share of the company's assets and its profits.

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Every single one of our partner's support is vital in achieving our Goal